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NACIFIC Be Natural Vegan Lip Glow Launch Event!

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Feel the natural beauty with Nacific x Stray Kids! 

Be-Vegan Special Set includes 5 pcs new Vegan Lip Glow - highly moisturizing lip balm, formulated with 15 kinds of plant-based oil complex. 
#01 Clear - Clear hydrating balm to bare lips
#02 Salmon Beige - Vintage beige made to gently calm and moisture lips with a drop of peach and calm apricot
#03 Coral Rose -  Pleasant coral rejuvenating lips with a touch of fresh orange and a drop of rose
#04 Soft Mauve - A drop of wine in a dried rose, that glides easy
#05 Apple Red - Boost natural lips color with apple drop, refreshing red

Option 01:
Be-Vegan Special Set + Nacific Sun Essence + OT 8 Photocards full set!


Option 02
Be-Vegan Special Set + OT 8 Photocards full set!


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