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NACIFIC Vita Ceramide Moisture Mask

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Nacific Vita Ceramide Moisture Mask  is a skin treatment that helps to brighten and hydrate the skin while strengthening the natural barriers of the skin. This sheet mask leaves the skin healthier, brighter and plumper.

The sheet is made from Bamboo and is very lightweight to easily adhere to the skin and deliver the skin loving ingredients.

Very Dry to Oily Skin
Skin that is dull or flat will love the instant pick-me-up this sheet mask gives the skin with brightening ingredients like Sea Buckthorn, Vitamin C and Niacinamide. These ingredients give an instant result with a single use but used regularly can show impressive improvements in dull skin or discolouration.

Skin nourishing ingredients like Ceramide, Squalane and Shea Butter contain antioxidants, fatty acids and lipids that hydrate and soothe the skin. They help to strengthen the protective barriers of the skin to keep the skin healthy and prevent irritation from our environments.



How to use

After cleansing and toning, take out the mask pack and spread evenly all over your face. Leave for 10 to 20 minutes and discard. After removal, gently tap the remaining product on your face into your skin to absorb the leftover serum.


Niacinamide – is a vitamin that has the ability to brighten, improve the texture of the skin and strengthen the skin. It is an excellent ingredient that can show a lot of improvement in the overall appearance of the skin. Sea Buckthorn – is a natural fruit extract with brightening, antioxidant and soothing abilities due to its rich vitamin and mineral contents. It has been shown to be especially good at reviving dull skin and keeping the skin bright and clear. Ceramide – are naturally occurring Lipids that sit on the outer layers of our skin and protect the skin from moisture loss and external aggressors. An amazing ingredient for dry, dehydrated, damaged or aging skin but suitable for any skin type. Squalane – is a natural compound in our skin and in skincare it is packed full of Fatty Acids and Antioxidants. It can restore lost hydration, calm redness and smooth skin. Shea Butter – is a great ingredient to hydrate, smooth and calm dry or irritated skin. The natural Antioxidants and Fatty acids guarantee to protect the skin and help to create a barrier between you and the world. Ascorbic Acid – is a form of Vitamin C that is known for its skin brightening abilities. This antioxidant ingredient helps with uneven skin tone, discolouration, hyperpigmentation and collagen production making it an amazing ingredient for a lot of skin concerns